If You Dont Like The Way I Drive, Get Off The Sidewalk

Willful ignorance. Theres something that deeply angers me about people who assume and create stories to support their own convictions. By using inflammatory language against others to prove a point immediately sparks hatred within me. Theres something in the deep cruel need to fucking mess with something you have no understanding of to make yourself feel better, that makes my skin crawl.

You sicken me.

There’s more to a story than your own ill formed opinions. Dear god I am so mad.

I read an article 2 days ago disparagingly describe my generation, Gen Y, as only good at saving. Thank god they’re good for something. Although that may be something to do with the fact they all live at home. Cue condescending laugh.

I personally dont believe in a generation gap in the first place, I dont believe stereotyping is something that should be done at all. It is a derogatory practice, while based on slithers of truth as some may argue, it is an altogether inaccurate guide to a group in their entirety. People are shaped by their social, behavioural and cultural constructs. They change every year, with every family and every socio-economic group. What may be typical of one person is completely different to someone born 2 kilometres away. Stick our parents in our place, I bet ther would do the exact same thing. So why am I getting so mad?

Simply because I took this as a personal attack. By inferring that my generation as whole is unable of independance, mentally or financially, they were drawing a line in the sand that marks them as uneducated on the subject at best, willfully ignorant at worst. I see day in day out people who have so much to deal with that they break down in tears at the thought of where their next paycheck will come from. I am no stranger to being on the verge of tears when the water bill comes through, or monitoring my phonecalls and texts because I cant afford to pay too much on my next bill. On one memorable occasion even having pneumonia, and compromising my health for another $16 per hour because my rent was so high. My parents are understanding of this and appropriately sympathetic. When they were my age, my father had a full time job as a police officer and mum was already pregnant with me. He may have been an apprentice, but they were able to get a home loan then 2 years later a second house as a supplementary source of income on the same wage as me.

Fuck you.

Fuck the people saying were a freeloading generation of lazy slack jawed idiots. You can just fuck right off. All over the world our generation is doing fantastic wonderful things, that reshape our world every day. We have created a global community online that means no separation, and infinite seclusion. We provide for ourselves and we dont take no for an answer, because we can, if need be, do it OUR-FUCKING-SELVES. We have a smaller long term memory, but we have supplemented that with a greater adaptive ability that surpasses any generation before us. We have not lost brain pathways, we have repurposed them.

So how dare you even suggest that we are less than. That we are not worth recognition because we dont work the same way you do. We dont want to, and we dont have to. So dont bring out your self absorbed fluff pieces and aim them in my direction. Next time at least get your act together and present a coherent argument.


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